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Zabludowicz Gallery

Wings banners blow you away!

When graphic designer, Mark Holt called for us to prepare an image for an art exhibition banner, he was pleasantly surprised to discover that we could also supply the complete banner!

When you strive for the best, briefing as few people as possible on a project ensures consistent quality – and as our quote was the most competitive – Mark entrusted us with the project.
The banner was to hang between the columns of a Grade II listed former Methodist Church, now home to a contemporary art project space The Zabludowicz Collection 176 Prince of Wales Road, NW5 3PT
After advising on the suitability of the image, we supplied a proof of a crucial section at final size, to show image quality more accurately than could be seen on screen. On approval we extended the image to bleed top and bottom of the 2.2m x 4.5m banner.
As the location was susceptible to gusting wind, we advised mesh rather than PVC as a substrate, as it allows air to flow through rather than billowing. Once printed the banner was pocketed to take the hanging bars and trimmed prior to delivery and installation.
The banner is for the first UK solo exhibition of US artist Laurel Nakadate, which includes Oops! (2000), a three-channel installation in which the artist was invited into the homes of men she met through chance encounters asking them to dance with her to Britney Spears’ iconic song. All her films, performances and photographs, create similarly highly charged scenes that put in play relationships premised on gender, power and sexuality.