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Witanhurst Sales Brochure:

Philosophy Design recently came to us with a wee conundrum, we helped them out and feel that it’s a project worth sharing.

A prospective buyer was flying in to view the multi-million pound house in Hampstead.  The problem was that they were arriving early, well ahead of marketing/sales brochure having been created.  Of course the agent wanted to impress and maximize their potential of a sale, if only the beautifully conceived case-bound brochure was already through the litho production cycle!

Philosophy came to us asking what could they do without compromising the original design.  Our team sat and listened to their concerns and priorities, deliberating with the designers we hatched a plan, and even better it would work within the 48 hours available…

Taking the two remaining foiled cloths that thankfully were not mounted at the binders, we also needed to re-work the page layout in our studio.  We printed the landscape text and simulator overlay pages as single leaves digitally, as we were at our maximum width, glued them together in a burst/perfect bound format, and then affixed into the case bound material covers with printed end-papers. We also created two additional laminated paper cover versions, just in case we hit any problems (we lost the paper join on the outer crease of the spine), we’d like to think of them as a small insurance policy!

We delivered the finished items on deadline to a very happy agent, who subsequently closed the deal with that particular buyer shortly thereafter. A great result all round!

If you’ve a similar project you need help with or would like some advise on an upcoming project then please get in touch with Gary: