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Harrods’ great lighting displays aren’t just for Christmas

Harrods doesn’t just rely on great lighting to drive customers through the doors of its iconic store at Christmas...

No, the prestigious store has turned to Wings for 15 years to ensure its stunning graphics, as backlit duratrans or posters, are always illuminating the very latest brands, promotions and merchandise.
And such is the fast-moving nature of retail, especially in one of the world’s most visited and influential stores, that Wings is fully geared up to provide Harrods, and all their other customers, with a same-day service when necessary.
“We’re proud of our market-leading service and fast turnaround times,” says Mike Stanley, Wngs display graphics leader. “Harrods is a great example of just what we can offer in terms of quality and speed. With over 90,000 square metres of selling space and 330 departments, there’s a regular demand for graphics to be processed, delivered and in place on time.
“And because all our graphics are manufactured in-house at our central London studio, the quality control and turnaround times are impressive. The team at Harrods sometimes lets us know what they need on a Friday, and they can be certain the graphics will be produced, delivered and installed in good time for their busy Saturday trade.”
Mike concludes: “Wings is all about providing our customers with the right graphics when and wherever they want them.”