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Moustaches And Gentlemen’s Health Awareness…

Our part in the last Movember Charity Campaign was to assist in the production of a page size press advertisement. Producing it with methods as were a kin to a time when gentlemen were only deemed as such when donning a fine tache.

Gillett were the Movember partner sponsors who had an archive of press advertisements going way back. The AMV BBDO creative team trawled through those, gaining inspiration and source elements to aid design. The make up of layouts with the desired look and feel was carried out in digital format.

We used those visuals as our guide adding knowledge and craftsmanship. Redrawing parts, retouching greyscale images, applying screens as bitmaps to aid plate separations and the overall final printing process.

To carryout the letterpress compositing and printing we employed the skills of MR Smith’s Letterpress Workshop. MR Smith himself setting all the copy from his vast library of metal and wooden fonts. The AMV BBDO Creative team was on hand to approve the maestros’ handy work with a film/video crew capturing all as we went. Even our own Gary Hoxby got his apron on in the workshop to assist. Keep your eye out for a flash of red shirt on a Movember / Gillett website coming your way soon, well maybe not that soon…

Everyone involved had a jolly good time, commenting how much fun it was to be involved and around the physical, tangible, craft process. Not to mention the old world charm of the workshop. Before I forget, the job was a success and both agency and client were extremely pleased.

Should you have a similar project / conundrum or fancy a day at the workshop with friends or colleagues and wish to chat through your options please get in touch with Gary: