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Wings Quality Branding

Designing our branding to reflect our ideals of integrity, uniqueness and quality.

If you're looking to upgrade your stationery, whether it's your headed paper, office supplies or business cards, take a look at our recent batch of branded business cards for Wings.

Our project management team achieved this stand-out design with three different printing processes and a little twist when finishing.

For our business cards, the names on the front of the card were foil block printed in matt black to make them stand out beyond the card, whilst the company address was offset litho printed on to GF Smith Colorplan 270gsm in turquoise.

Foil blocking has been developed using the letterpress principle. A male block is produced using zinc, magnesium, copper or brass. The block is heated on press and the chosen foil is branded on to the material.

On the reverse of the card, the company name is copper plate engraved printed. We used this method so we achieved an accurate colour match on the GF Smith Ebony Colorplan 270gsm.

Copper plate inks can be mixed, are opaque and produce crisp, defined images that are clear and true.

The extreme force used in copperplate printing process presses the paper deep into the engraved areas of the printing plate, creating an impression on the paper surface. It is this impression that imparts the finished image with its unique, three-dimensional character and tremendous tactile appeal.

We then laminated the two different stocks with their varying processes together. This is known as duplexing and we created a 540gsm duplex board, giving this special and stunning effect.

Should you wish to know more, or have a project you would like to discuss, please contact us.